Ford Mustang GT & LX 1986-1993 80mm Cold Air Mass Air System
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Ford Mustang GT & LX 1986-1993 80mm Cold Air Mass Air System

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Ford Mustang LX & GT 5.0L V8 1986-1993 80mm Mass Air System

Our Cold Air Mass Air Meters are CNC Machined with the Highest Quality Billet Aluminum. The Polished Billet Aluminum Mass Air Meter is also the Air Tube, making this system stand alone and gives you that Complete Show Car & Performance Part that you are looking for.

With Replaceable Calibration Tubes from MAC you can swap them out for Different Size Injectors in Minutes! No need to send anywhere to Calibrate. You can Order Replacement Calibration Tubes when ever needed as you Performance Modifications keep growing with different injector sizes.

Mass Air System 3380 Kit Includes:

  • 1- MAC 80mm Billet Aluminum Mass Air Meter
  • 1- MAC Stainless Steel Air Chamber
  • 1- MAC Big Mouth Filter (Part # 30098)
  • 1- MAC Racer's Choice Velocity Adaptor
  • 2- Silicone Connector
  • 4- Stainless Steel Clamps
  • 1- MAC Calibration Tube

Calibration Tubes for Injectors are as followed:

  • CT 4..........30lbs
  • CT 2.....36/38lbs
  • CT 7..........42lbs

The Best Performing, Fit, Finish, Design and Quality Air System for the 1986-1993 Ford Mustang GT & LX 5.0L V8, Period!

Not Legal for Street use in California

Off Road Use Only, Not Intended for Street or Highway Use.

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