The concept that became MAC Products was conceived when Mack Jones began making custom fabrications for friends. The hobby soon grew into a business, and by 1970 MAC Products opened its doors in Long Beach, Ca. The first part produced by MAC was a set of mufflers for an early 70’s Honda 750 motorcycle. Subsequently, MAC introduced a 4-1 system and many other new parts.

As business grew so did the need for machinery and space. We decided to build a new manufacturing facility next to our existing one, and we converted the old building to warehouse space. We started building private label exhaust systems for Formula Fords, Custom Cobra Exhaust, Bettendorf Racing, JBA, and Motorcycle Exhaust Systems for Yoshimura.

The first automotive production piece we made was our Equal Length Header for the 5.0 Mustang. It was an industry first and is still frequently copied today because of its superior design and function. Next was the off road h-pipe for the 5.0 Mustang, the long tube header, and many other parts mostly for Ford vehicles. Eventually the product line expanded to Chevrolet, Dodge and Import cars. MAC Products now produces over 1200 parts for cars and motorcycles and the list is still growing.

As the company grew so did the need for space and MAC Products moved to Temecula, California in 1993. The new facility is 62,000 sq. ft. and has an additional 2.5 acres for future expansion.

Today MAC Products is often emulated for their design but never copied. We at MAC are constantly expanding our product line and would like your input on quality, price or anything you might have on your mind. The next time you buy a performance product for your truck, car or motorcycle, please consider MAC. For over 30 years MAC products has been delivering high performance products to the automotive and motorcycle industry.